There’s an App for that

In the age of technology there seems to be an App for everything. Quilting is no exception.

I use an app called QuiltSandwich. This app does a lot!


The number one thing I use it for is cataloging my fabric stash. Having pictures and the measurements of my fabrics allows me to keep everything organized. When I am out shopping and looking for matching fabrics, I can easily look up what fabric I already have and the yardage available.

QuiltSandwich also has a yardage calculator. This comes in hand when calculating for the backing of a quilt. Recently, I purchased a pattern that did not give yardage for the fabrics! Rather than yardage, the designer listed the fabrics by number of blocks at a certain size. I was able to enter the information into the calculator and figure out the correct yardage I needed to purchase for the pattern.

The calculator also allows me to save my calculations to particular quilt projects. That way, if I am planning for a specific project, I can have all my fabrics listed for the quilt and even do a cost breakdown for everything.


I can also keep all my quilt projects organized. I can track my progress, as well as make PDF of my fabric lists, patterns and notes for each project.

QuiltSandwich also has some nifty tools such as a 1 3/4 inch by 2 1/2 inch ruler, quick reference guides for quilt and batting sizes, and a size converter to either enlarge or shrink a piece.

This App has made quilting so much easier and organized. I love being able to have all of these tools right on my phone and with me wherever I go.

Happy Quilting!

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