Latest Project: Storm At Sea Bed Quilt

This past weekend I was not able to spend a lot of time in my quilt room. On my About Me page, you can see that one of my other hobbies is Crossfit and on Saturday I competed at a local competition. On Sunday I was quite sore so I only spend about an hour quilting.


But… in that hour I started a new project: a queen size quilt for our bed.I have yet to complete a queen size project, let alone a quilt for our bed so it is definitely time.

The pattern I have chosen is a Storm At Sea pattern called Our Hearts Will Go On by The Fabric Addict.


This pattern calls for the use of templates and I am also using my Marti Mitchell tool. I will do a tutorial on templates later this week.


We have a nautical/blue theme in our house so I have chosen a spectrum of blue batiks with a white background.


I managed to cut all the background pieces and I was able to complete a few blocks in the short amount of time I spent quilting.


This will most likely be a longer project but I’m looking forward to having a beautiful bed quilt at the end.

Happy Quilting!

2 thoughts on “Latest Project: Storm At Sea Bed Quilt

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