Patriotic Rail Fence Quilt Part II

I finished quilting my Patriotic Rail Fence quilt! All that is left for me to do is hand sew the binding and then I will have a nice lap quilt for the summer.

As I mentioned previously, this is a really easy pattern. This quilt consists of three strips from a jelly roll sewed together and then cut into 6 3/8 inch squares. The squares are then assembled in alternating directions. With one jelly roll, I was able make enough blocks for 7 columns and 9 rows. Because all the blocks are the same size, they fit together nicely and assembly was a breeze.


I decided to not get super fancy with the quilting and just did a simple meander.

Everything I used for this quilt was from my fabric stash! Along with the jelly roll, I had some red, white and blue lighthouse fabric from a previous project that was the perfect width for a single piece backing. For the binding, I used some leftover Patriotic star fabric. It feels good to be using things I already have.

The finished size of this particular quilt is 40.5 inches x 52.5 inches. To make this particular pattern larger, I could have add borders or used a second jelly roll to double the size. But I really just wanted a quit and easy quilt so I decided to keep it small. It is still a nice size for a lap quilt or sitting on outside to watch fireworks.

This quilt is Leo approved!

Happy Quilting!

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