Magnetic Clasp Tutorial

As I mentioned in my last post, my Cat-I-Tude bag included a magnetic clasp. The actual pattern does not call for a clasp but I decided my bag needed something to hold everything in.

Adding a claps sounds intimidating but it is pretty easy. I was able to purchase 100 of these generic clasps from Amazon for about $12 so they are also pretty cheap to add as well.

The magnetic clasp is added to the inside lining of the bag.

The first step is to find the center of the bag and mark it on the wrong side of the fabric. I like to use a disappearing pen because it will not be visible on the fabric once the bag is finished.


Then I measured about 1.5 inches down from the top of the fabric. Remember here that the inside of the bag is going to be sewn to the outside of the bag with a quarter inch seam and then reinforced with an outer stitch so the clasp needs to be far enough away from the top of the bag to allow for these steps.

After measuring and marking where the clasp will go, I use the backing piece to mark where the prongs will be inserted. Then I take a pair of sharp scissors and cut two small slits in the fabric where the markings are.

Next, I cut a 2 inch by 2 inch piece of Pellon 70f Peltex Ultra Firm interfacing. This will give the clasp area strength and keep the fabric from being weighed down by the metal.  I again use the backing of the clasp to mark where the prongs will stick through and cut small slits in the interfacing.

Using one of the front sides of the clasp (it doesn’t matter which side), I slip the prongs through the slits on the bag lining and then place the interfacing on top. This lines up the slits. By cutting the slits separately, it makes it easier to get through the fabric/interfacing rather than trying to cut through all the layers at once.

Using my steam iron, I secure the interfacing to the wrong side of the bag lining. You can see that the inside of my bag has a fusible fleece interfacing already so it is important to use a pressing pad here.

Once the interfacing is fused on the bag, I slide the prongs of the clasp through all the layers. The front of the clasp should be on the right side of the fabric and the prongs should be sticking out through the interfacing.


Then the backing of the clasp is placed over the prongs. To secure the clasp in place, I used a pair of pliers to bend the prongs out over the backing.


Repeat this process for the other side of the bag with the second half of the clasp.

Viola! I now have a magnetic clasp for my bag!


Happy Quilting!

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