Cat-I-Tude Bag

This weekend I decided to do a quick and easy project. Following a Pink Sand Beach Designs pattern, I used my fabulous Benartex Cat-I-Tude fabric to make a tote bag.


This bag calls for interfacing. When I first started using sewing, I was intimidated by interfacing and thought it would be difficult to use. That is totally not the case! Interfacing is incredibly easy to use.

This bag calls for 3 types of interfacing.

Pellon #987F Fusible Fleece is a batting-like stabilizer. While it stabilizes the fabric it is fused to, it also adds softness and puffiness to the project. This is what is used for the majority of the bag.

When using this interfacing, I trim it to just slightly larger than the piece I am going to be fusing to it. Pellon #987F cuts like butter under my rotary blade!


To fuse the fleece and fabric together, you need a steam iron and a pressing pad. My pressing pad is an old pillow case, so no need to be fancy. Using steam and a pressing pad when ironing allows for the fleece to be heated enough while not burning or damaging the fabric.

It is important when using interfacing to always make sure the adhesive side is placed against the fabric. The adhesive side will either have small dots or look shinny.

Fusible side and non-fusible side

The fusible fleece is also sewing machine safe. I used the stitch-in-the-ditch method to add accents and make sure the interfacing stayed secure.

The second interfacing I used is Pellon 71 Peltex Ultra-Firm 1-Sided Fusible Interfacing. This interfacing is very firm and gives the bottom of the bag its shape. It is also fused to the fabric using a steam iron and pressing pad.

Pellon 809 Decor Bond is the last type of interfacing I used. A thin stabilizer, it gives structure the the sides and straps of the bag. It does not have the same puffiness as the fusible fleece, but it keeps the fabric from collapsing on itself.


All this interfacing gives my bag stability, allowing it to stand up.

For the straps, I used both fusible fleece and decor bond, making them soft but strong.

I added some stitching along the edges of the straps to add to the strength of the straps, which will help them bear the weight of the bag when loaded with my belongings.

I also used interfacing to add a magnetic clasp. I will be sharing that in a tutorial later this week.

Happy Quilting!

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