Thread Therapy

Not all thread is created equal.

Picking the right thread when quilting can be overwhelming. The different materials, weights, colors and brands provide a plethora of options. When I first started quilting, I was completely lost when it came to thread – I pretty much thought it was all the same. I quickly learned that this is not the case.

My preferred thread for quilting is a 50wt cotton thread. The weight of the thread is a number that indicates the thickness of the thread. In the U.S. a higher weight count indicates a thinner thread. A 50wt thread is considered thin while a 40wt and 30wt are thick. Cotton proves to be sturdy and holds up well during the washing process. It also tends to break less, compared to other fibers, when machine quilting.

There are three brands of thread that I tend to favor.


Mettler thread is a good quality cotton thread. It was the first thread I used when I started making quilts. While it is great for piecing, it is a bit pricier than other cotton threads, so now I use it only for the quilting step. Mettler has a nice silk finish which makes it look a little more polished than some of the other threads out there.



Gutermann is another one of my preferred threads. It holds up well and unlike Mettler, does not have a silk finish which gives it a matte look. You can see the difference between the finishes in the photo on the right below.




Aurifil thread is a great quilting thread. It can be purchased in variety of sizes from small spools to large cones, making it an economical choice. It is great for both piecing and quilting. I used Aurifil in Dove for my Country Charmer Christmas quilt.


Happy Quilting!

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