To clip or not to clip… that is the question for a finished quilt.

I am working on the finishing touches of my Country Charmer Christmas quilt. I know everyone is anxiously awaiting to see the finished product…

Putting the finishing touches on a quilt can be a tedious process. I admit, sometimes I get really impatient. I mean, the quilt is done and I just want to hurry up and move on to my next project. But as often is the case, when you rush something to completion, you end up with ramshackle results.

When I say finishing touches, I mean those pesky little stray threads that have made their way onto the quilt and have no where to go. A lot of quilters just snip these threads and move on. This isn’t a wrong method, it’s just not one I prefer.

My mother-in-law taught me that a quilt will hold up a little better if you burry those pesky stray threads.

When you burry threads, you literally burry them into the quilt sandwich. Here’s how it’s done.

When you locate a stray thread, grab one of your thin needles.


Then place the needle sideways into a nearby stitch. Make sure the needle doesn’t go through all the layers of the quilt sandwich! The needle should exit in a bare yet inconspicuous patch of fabric.


When the needle is halfway through, thread the stray threads into the eye of the needle. Then pull the needle all the way through. This will leave threads sticking out through a bare patch of fabric.

Grab your thread trimmers and trim the threads as close to the fabric as you possibly can. If a little bit is still sticking out, gently massage that small area until the threads disappear.

Now my threads are buried and my quilting will hold up with little risk of unravelling.

Happy Quilting!

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