Tools for Free Motion Quilting

I am currently in the process of quilting my County Charmer Christmas quilt. So I thought I would talk a little bit about the tools I use to free motion quilt.


Free motion quilting foot

This type of foot is absolutely necessary for free motion quilting. It allows the fabric to move in any direction (forward, backward, left and right and everything in between). My machine came with a plastic one and it works well so that is the one I use.


Supreme Slider

My sewing machine has feed dogs that can lower for free motion quilting. However, metal plate and holes still create drag during the quilting process. The Supreme Slider is a piece of Teflon that fits over the bottom of the sewing machine and allows the quilt sandwich to move easily and without drag. It has a grippy side so it stays securely in place while I maneuver my quilt. This tool has made my quilting adventures so much easier.

Machingers Quilting Gloves

These are must have when doing any sort of machine quilting. These gloves have fingertip grips that allow me to easily grip the quilt sandwich and move it around for quilting. I have tried to quilt without these and my hands actually start to cramp up so these gloves have made a world of difference.


Happy Quilting!

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