Online Shopping

I am a huge fan of shopping for my fabric online. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good trip to the quilt store. However, my local quilt shop is about 45 minutes away from my home so frequently (and much to my husband’s joy) I purchase my fabric and notions online. Below are some of my favorite sites to get quilting supplies.

This is the Amazon of the fabric world. It is actually owned by Amazon! On this site you will find a massive selection of fabric and batting. I could spend days on this site and not get bored. You can find almost any type of fabric, brand, color, texture and size of material here, making this my go to site for finding fabric by the yard. The filters I can place on a search help me narrow down and find the fabric that I think will fit with my quilt.


Missouri Star Quilt Co.

I have my wonderful Mother-in-Law to thank for showing me this site. I am on Missouri Star’s website at least once a day. While they may not have as large of a selection of fabric as, they have amazing deals on notions and pre-cuts. I look forward to their Daily Deal emails every morning.

Quilt in a Day

I found Quilt in a Day on a quilt shop hop in San Diego back in 2014. While I was there, one of the gals working the cutting table told me about their online store. They too, have daily deals you can receive by email. The owner, Eleanor Burns, has created hundreds of patterns and books that are easy to follow and look amazing. I love shopping here for new patterns as well as their interesting notions.

Those are my favorite places to shop online for quilting supplies. Most of the time, my purchases arrive within a few days of order placement – often times I have my fabric faster than if I had to wait for the weekend to go to the quilt shop!

Happy Quilting!

One thought on “Online Shopping

  1. I hear you, if I could order milk and bread online I’d never leave the house. lol I’ve not been on, have to check that out! If you have the time, I’d really appriciate an independent opinion of a website, I’m working to help my sister-in-law build her online business (she owns a quilt shop in Montana) and I’m definitely not any kind of expert with web designs etc. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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