While I’m Quilting

Quilting is my time to relax and do something I enjoy. I find that I enjoy quilting much more when I have something to listening to. Lately, I have really enjoyed listening to podcasts, which keep me entertained during some of the more monotonous parts of quilting (i.e. ironing).

Here are a few of the podcasts I enjoy:

levar burton

Levar Burton Reads

This podcast is such a throwback to my childhood and my days of watching Reading Rainbow. Except this podcast is aimed at an adult audience. Levar Burton reads in his ever so soothing voice, short stories from authors all over the world. Each episode is wonderfully done and I am always sad when they are over.



This is a true crime podcast that explores various criminal issues. Some of them are controversial issues, such as an episode exploring the first amendment right of freedom of the press, while others are light and fun such as an episode that explored the theft and black market trade of Venus fly traps.


Myths and Legends

If you love mythology like I do, this is an excellent podcast. Each episode covers mythological/folklore stories from various cultures. I have especially enjoyed the Norse mythology and fairytale episodes.

Those are just a few of the podcasts I enjoy while quilting. Occasionally, I will watch a movie but I find the podcasts more entertaining while allowing me to keep my attention on the project in front of me.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Quilting!

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