Triangles and Squares

The current quilt I am working on has a lot of small piecing. Some of this piecing requires sewing quarter square triangles to squares. This sounds simple, but in reality it can be difficult to center the triangle on to the square. While you can always finger press to find the center of both pieces, this isn’t always the most accurate method.

This is where one of my favorite tools comes in. The Marti Mitchell Perfect Patchwork Corner Trimmer has been a life saver for this quilt.


The way this tool works is by trimming the corners off any size triangle (you weren’t going to use those corners anyway!). This then allows for easy alignment to other non-triangle pieces.

The corner trimmer has eliminated the guesswork of accurate alignment and made this quilt a whole lot easier.

If you are planning on trying out the Country Charmer quilt pattern, I definitely recommend investing in this wonderful tool.

Thanks for stopping by and happy quilting!

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